Cattle & Forage is supporting the co-development, testing, monitoring, refinement and adoption of BMPs associated with grazing season extension and winter-feeding strategies in BC’s forage and cattle sector.

Forage consists of herbaceous plant material, such as hay or pasture, used to feed domestic animals. Most forage is grown and fed on the same farm. Cattle and other livestock are raised throughout British Columbia. BC’s farmers and ranchers supply beef and other animal products to local, national, and international markets. There are approximately 460,000 beef cattle, divided amongst approximately 3,300 farms. Cattle in BC account for about 5% of the national beef herd.


Beef, Forage, Other Livestock

Who is Involved?

BC Cattlemen’s Association
BC Forage Council

What Practices are Being Developed & Researched?

Annual/alternative cover crops for winter grazing
Standing crops for winter grazing
Refined nutrient budgeting