Funding for the BC Living Lab project has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Agricultural Climate Solutions – Living Labs program. The BC Living Lab project is led by the Investment Agriculture Foundation.

Cash and in-kind funds are also being provided by the agricultural associations participating in the project and the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC.



BC Agricultural Climate Adaptation Research Network

BC Agriculture Council

BC Blueberry Council

BC Cattlemen’s Association

BC Cherry Association

BC Dairy Association

BC Forage Council

BC Fruit Growers’ Association

BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food

BC Potato & Vegetable Growers’ Association

BC Wine Grape Council

Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust

Raspberry Industry Development Council

Thompson Rivers University

University of British Columbia

University of Northern British Columbia

Note: List is not exhaustive, additional partners/stakeholders will be added periodically.



As stated in your Contribution Agreement or Service Contract, public acknowledgment is a condition when receiving funding from IAF. Public acknowledgment shows how public funds are being spent and raises public understanding of the economic and social benefits of agreements such as yours. When funded projects are successful, acknowledgment of government assistance can provide us with a valuable rationale to continue to support industry organizations in a tangible way.

These requirements have been developed to assist you, as a funding recipient, to appropriately acknowledge the source of funding in all communication materials and products related to your project. Additionally, these requirements will assist you if you choose to initiate a public announcement about your project.

Many projects involve several individuals, organizations, third party contractors and other partners. Please share this information with all those involved in the delivery of your project. As a recipient of funding, you are expected to include appropriate acknowledgements on all project-related communication materials and products. These requirements are part of your contractual obligation, and if not met, may result in project costs being declared ineligible for funding.

Funding acknowledgements typically include logos (graphic identifiers), a credit line (written statement), and a disclaimer statement. You must submit proofs of all communications materials to be cost-shared in advance of being made public to IAF’s Communications Team. Communications Approval must be received before your expense can be produced, used, or reimbursed.

Funding Acknowledgement Approval Process: